Annual Calendar

Black OR champaign Dial
CHF 5,180

Every Kennsen watch is individually produced and assembled in Switzerland. Each watch is built with our own mechanical mechanisms produced by local specialists – real traditional Swiss watchmaking. Our Annual Calendar Chronograph is a case in point.

The Technology

Kennsen's Annual Calendar Chronograph “knows” which months have 30 or 31 days and only needs a single adjustment by the crown at the end of February for its mechanics to automatically display the correct date for the entire year.

This simplicity of use and the clear lines of the dial are made possible by an entirely new calendar mechanism which overcomes the difficulty of building a complication into the confines of the chronograph’s reduced space. This lack of space explains the true rarity of annual calendar chronograph watches.

You may like to read the article from Watches by SJX on the unique technology behind Kennsen’s Annual Calendar which can be found here.

Kennsen’s double patented Annual Calendar

Novel and ingenious, Kennsen's Annual Calendar mechanism has earned two patents.

Designed in-house and started from a white page, our first step was to sketch the clear and highly readable dial we wanted to see on the watch and only after that did we begin research to develop the calendar – the opposite of industry practice. Here are a few of the goals we set ourselves:

  • The date indicator to stay at 3 o’clock to remain easily readable even when the watch is partly covered by a shirt sleeve.

  • The month indicator to be on the same plane as the date and on the left of the central axis to leave the dial uncluttered and spacious.

  • A legible but unobtrusive Day/Night display to aid adjustment.


“ You know you have done well when people think it was simple.”

The month and date indicators are located on the same plane. The unobtrusive Day/Night display is positioned in the minute counter subdial.

The new annual calendar is adjustable by the crown… because a practical annual calendar must be practical to use. A short film on adjusting the calendar can be found here.

Kennsen’s new annual calendar represents a totally new class of mechanism - a co-axial calendar system. In our mechanism the month wheel and display are co-axial to a special pipe built around the central axis of the watch. The month wheel then itself acts as an axis around which the co-axial year wheel turns. This year wheel governs the system though a unique internal tooth.

Together these nested gears make up the heart of the calendar. The upshot of this new way of thinking is a low part count, svelte dimensions and very efficient performance.

An exploded CAD view of Kennsen’s KV775C movement

The simplicity of use reflects the simplicity of the construction:

  • The svelte dimensions (30.0mm in diameter and 1.3mm in height) ensure that the watch is comfortable to wear.

  • The few moving parts ensure efficient performance.

  • The calendar is easily adjustable by the crown and ensures ease of use.

  • This clever system is protected by two patents.

Efficient though the mechanics are, they are not in themselves a not the product of mass production. Every piece of calendar mechanism is made to Kennsen specifications and each of these parts (and the watch) are individually hand assembled and adjusted by our watchmaking partners in the Vallée de Joux.


The Calibre

The Calibre KV775C

Kennsen's Annual Calendar Chronograph is powered by a KV775C movement – the nomenclature we use for our annual calendar mechanism when built into a Top-Grade Valjoux 7750 calibre. To fit our new annual calendar mechanism, the movement is rebuilt with the original calendar mechanics and plates being entirely removed and a new annual calendar plate and our mechanics installed in their place. It has been said before, but bears repeating, that the starting point for reliable watches is a great base movement – the Valjoux is that. You can find a brief history of it on our Bi-Compax page.


Kennsen’s movements are all adjusted to -2 to +6 seconds per day and in five positions – better performance than that required for chronometer certification. This unusual level of precision is due to the fact that our watchmaker hand-adjusts each watch to achieve a tighter precision than required for the watch to pass all official controls.

After casing, each watch is tested for water resistance (5 ATM) and checked again in five positions for functioning and timekeeping.


Kennsen’s Annual Calendar mechanism differentiates between long and short months

Our Annual Calendar calibre KV775C is fast adjustable by the crown in the usual manner – because let’s face it, no-one likes reading user guides (ours is available here).

Kennsen’s KV775C calibre decorated with Côtes-de-Genève and snailing

Kennsen’s Calibre KV775C is finely decorated with Côtes-de-Genève and snailing on the plates. Movement screws have been replaced to complement these finishes.

The matt and anthracite finishing of the rotor adds an interesting counterpoint to the plates.

the Useful Day/Night Display

We also fitted the KV775C calibre with a Day/Night display. This underrated complication shows whether the watch is synchronised to a.m. (white) or p.m. (dark). It insures that the watch is set correctly, thus avoiding the irritation of a date change at noon.

Referencing the Day/Night display before a manual date adjustment can also prevent damage to the watch as manual date adjustments should not be undertaken during the dark night hours when the gears are in mesh.

The Day/Night display: An underrated and extremely useful complication.

The Day/Night display:
An underrated and
extremely useful complication.

The Design

The Design of the Case

The design of the case is another Kennsen in-house development, emphasising dial clarity and wearer comfort. The case dimensions (42mm diameter; 49mm across the lugs; 13.4mm height) ensure dial legibility and ease of use while its wrist-friendly lugs provide a comfortable and secure fit. The case has been designed and tested for a water-resistance of 50 metres / 165 feet.

Our cases are made in Switzerland by one of the world’s most famous knife makers: Victorinox. Their knowledge of machining steel is second to none.

The case material is 316L1.4435 stainless steel, a superior quality of stainless steel that has a low carbon content and increased nickel and molybdenum levels for improved resistance to damage.

After machining, the different parts of the watch case are hand polished. The case middle is then hand brushed. These polishing operations require patience, a skilled eye and a delicate touch. The watch case is then ready to move onto further production stages.


Case Details

The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal in the case-back gives a view of the movement and rotor. Each watch is individually numbered.

Detailing on the case includes pusher sleeves which are a rarely seen touch. They are also horizontally brushed by hand – an exacting task.

While the front and back bezels are hand-polished, a horizontal brushing (also by hand) has been given to the case-middle. The top and bottom case chamfers are also not commonly seen and provide a sporty yet elegant feel.

The top and bottom case chamfers

The Design of The Dial


The large and well proportioned dial is designed by Kennsen and manufactured by dial specialists in Porrentruy (Switzerland). The galvanic treatment, in either black or champaign, together with the raised outer ring, gives depth to the dial. The galvanic finishing confers different nuances to the dials under changing light conditions.

The hour indices are machined to our design, polished and applied (hand fitted to the dial on tiny pins). In total the dial consists of three levels and sports subtle circular graining and matt finishing. The outer telemeter ring is in both miles and kilometres.

The useful Day/Night display is positioned inside the minute counter. The date display is at 3 o’clock and the month display, not used as regularly, is positioned to the left of the main axis.

Beneath the dial is Kennsen’s rather clever annual calendar system. It is manufactured and assembled in the Vallée de Joux (Switzerland).

The Strap


The hand-made top-grade Alligator strap is specially made for Kennsen by Hirsch, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

You can purchase Kennsen straps here.

You can of course also decide to replace the strap by any other appropriately sized strap (20mm wide at the lugs, 18mm at the buckle).

Kennsen’s hand-made top-grade Alligator strap


The Wallet

Kennsen’s hand-made wallet

Kennsen watches are delivered in a hand-made leather wallet which provides a practical and protective storage solution when the watch is not being worn.



  • Chronograph function with hours, minutes, seconds

  • Timekeeping with hours, minutes, small seconds

  • Annual Calendar with date and month displays

  • Telemeter in miles and kilometres

  • Crown adjustable

  • Hacking small seconds

  • Day/Night display


  • KV775C Automatic

  • 48 hr power reserve

  • Frequency: 28’800 vph (4 Hz)

  • 25 Jewels


  • Three-part hand-polished and brushed stainless steel

  • Rectangular pushers with hand-brushed sleeves

  • Water-resistant to 5 ATM


  • Top grade Alligator

  • 20 mm at the lugs, 18 mm at the buckle


  • Three level dial with galvanic plating and matt finishing

  • Raised, sun-ray bushed telemeter scale

  • Sunk, circular brushed sub-dials

  • Applied indices


  • Front: Domed, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

  • Back: Flat scratch-resistant sapphire crystal


  • Galvanic Rhodium treatment

  • Black polished

  • Radius cut


  • Diameter: 42.0 mm

  • Height: 13.4mm

  • Lugs: 49.0 mm